In an age where transparency and open communication are paramount, organizations are increasingly finding ways to share information with their stakeholders. We began the practice of posting executive committee meeting minutes on our website since it’s launch in 2013. But why do we, as a department, choose to follow this path?

 1. Accountability and Trust

Transparency is a cornerstone of accountability and trust. By making our executive committee meeting minutes available to the public, we demonstrate our commitment to openness in our decision-making processes. When members can access the minutes, they gain insight into our discussions, decisions, and the rationale behind them. This transparency builds trust, as it shows that we have nothing to hide and that our actions align with our stated values and goals.

 2. Informed Members

Members have a vested interest in understanding how our department operates. Posting meeting minutes allows these individuals to stay informed about our priorities, challenges, and strategies. This knowledge empowers members to make more informed decisions about their engagement with our department.

3. Fostering Engagement

When we share executive committee meeting minutes, we invite members to engage with us on a deeper level. They can provide feedback, ask questions, and offer insights based on the information presented. This engagement fosters a sense of participation and inclusion, strengthening the relationship between our department and its members.

4. Demonstrating Progress

Posting meeting minutes also allows us to showcase our progress. It serves as a record of our accomplishments, initiatives, and milestones. Members can track our journey, from the initial discussions to the implementation of decisions, which can be particularly valuable for long-term projects and those interested in our department’s evolution.

5. Learning and Improvement

Transparency not only benefits members but also our department internally. Reviewing past meeting minutes allows us to reflect on our decisions and actions, identifying areas where we can improve. It’s a valuable tool for self-assessment and continuous growth.


In today’s interconnected world, transparency is a non-negotiable aspect of effective governance and communication. By posting our executive committee meeting minutes on our website, we prioritize accountability, trust, and engagement with our stakeholders. This practice not only benefits the public but also contributes to our department’s growth and development. It’s a commitment to transparency that we stand by, knowing that it enriches our organization and the relationships we have with those who matter most—our members.

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