From the President’s Desk

April SinclairHello everyone, and welcome to a beautiful, exciting year!!! First, thank you to the American Legion Auxiliary, Department of Alaska, for entrusting me to be your President for the 2023-2024 Administrative year, a position I do not take lightly; I am honored and humbled to represent this Department.

My theme this year is focusing on the phrase #JustAskin line, and like our Legion, I encourage everyone to Be The OneStart the Conversation, and ‘JustAsk.’ Ask the one question, the question that starts the conversation, any question; it takes only ‘One’ to Start the Conversation. Whether you ask someone, ‘How are you doing today’ ?or ‘How may I help’? It takes the initiative to step out and ‘Be the One’ and ‘JustAsk.’ Throughout this year, I too would like to encourage everyone to focus on ‘Self-Care,’ whether it be emotionally, physically, or mentally; ‘Be Intentional’ about your Well-Being; it is ok to put ‘You’ first, take the time to reenergize the mind, body, and spirit.

This year, I am excited to work alongside the ‘TEAM’ of elected Officers and Appointed Chairs, I greatly appreciate the opportunity to work with each and every one of you and personally want to thank the appointed chairs again for accepting the appointment, as I understand this being a ‘volunteer’ organization your dedication and commitment to the mission is outstanding and worth noting. On June 1st, the ‘TEAM’ of Department Officers and Chairmans, we met via Zoom for our first meeting of the year, where we reviewed expectations along with mentorship.

The ‘TEAM,’ we are gearing up for an exciting year, where we are reigniting the Department of Alaska, American Legion Auxiliary website. The website will house a wealth of information for units, program chairs and members, there soon will be PEPs (Program Engagement Plans) available to assist Units and individuals with guidance provided to them by the Department Chair on a specific program. Keep watch out for when the Department website re-launches, in the interim, please visit to learn more on the various programs.

Switching gears, our Alaska Girls’ State program needs ‘your’ HELP! The 2023 Girls State program, unfortunately, had to be canceled due to only receiving a sparse number in applicants to have a FULL program. Therefore, I challenge you, who does not love a challenge, right? I am challenging each Unit to obtain a minimum of (2) Girls State applications for the 2024 year. With the help of your Legion Family collaborating with your Unit to attain this goal, I am optimistic we will have a successful 2024 program. The 2023-2024 Girls State team is Amazing. They are excited, energetic and enthusiastic to work the program. Director Nina Ketelsen and Co-Director Lori Fruhwirth leads the team. I am confident with your help and support the program will be Impressive. 

As we begin preparing for the National Convention in Charlotte, NC, I am excited to announce our Membership percentage is at 105.82% and climbing. We are currently ranked No. 4 in the nation among all other departments; CONGRATULATIONS to the entire Department of Alaska for a job well done. Phenomenal work!!! Keep it up for 2024.

As I travel throughout the state, I look forward to hearing your ideas and conversing with you during official visits and conferences. Please begin scheduling your official visits. I am eager to hear your ideas and excited to visit your local units. My goal is to partner with my counterparts of the Legion Family and share in the official visits, where applicable. I encourage Unit Presidents to collaborate with your Post and Squadron Leadership for official visit requests when a joint visit invitation is possible.

I look forward to seeing each of you at the Department Conference in late October, thank you Jack Henry Unit 1 for hosting this year’s conference.

Thank you all in advance for an upcoming outstanding and productive year. I deeply appreciate the hard work, commitment, and dedication you all demonstrate to the American Legion Auxiliary’s MISSION.

I read a quote once by author Anne Lamott she wrote:  “Almost everything will work again if you unplug it for a few minutes, including you.”

Until the next article.

Be Blessed

#Just Ask 

 Be The One | Start the Conversation 

Yours in Service, 

April Sinclair, President 

American Legion Auxiliary 

Department of Alaska 


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