Purpose: The purpose of the National Security Committee is to promote a strong national defense.

Key Program Statements:

  • The ALA National Security program maintains and promotes a strong national defense by strengthening and supporting military servicemembers and their families.
  • Support active-duty military families by working with an installation Family Readiness Group (FRG). Contact the Family Readiness Center on your nearby military installation for more information.
  • Raise awareness of POW/MIAs and the work being performed by the Defense POW/MIA Accounting Agency (DPAA) in the search for missing personnel

In today’s world, national security is a paramount concern for every American citizen. Ensuring the safety and well-being of our nation is not just the responsibility of the government and the armed forces; it also falls upon organizations like the American Legion Auxiliary (ALA). Among its many committees, the National Security Committee stands out as a dedicated group of individuals committed to safeguarding our country.

The American Legion Auxiliary National Security Committee plays a crucial role in supporting and promoting national security initiatives. Composed of passionate volunteers, veterans, and supporters of our armed forces, this committee is at the forefront of advocating for policies that enhance the security of our nation.

One of the primary objectives of the National Security Committee is to raise awareness about the importance of national security. Through various programs and initiatives, they educate communities about the challenges our country faces and the sacrifices made by our service members. By fostering a sense of patriotism and gratitude, they inspire Americans to support and appreciate the men and women in uniform.

Moreover, the committee actively engages with legislative bodies to advocate for policies that strengthen national security. This includes supporting veterans and their families, advocating for strong defense budgets, and promoting initiatives that improve the lives of those who have served.

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