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We are honored to provide a gateway to support and assistance for the brave men and women who have served our nation. At the American Legion Auxiliary, we recognize the immeasurable sacrifices made by our veterans and their families, and we are committed to ensuring that they receive the care, resources, and respect they deserve.

Alaska is home to a unique and resilient community of veterans. Whether you are a veteran yourself, a family member, or a concerned citizen, our mission is to simplify access to vital services, information, and opportunities that can enhance the lives of veterans throughout the Last Frontier.

Within these pages, you will find a wealth of information covering various aspects of veterans’ lives, including healthcare, education, employment, benefits, and more. We are committed to keeping you updated on the latest developments, legislative changes, and community events that impact veterans in Alaska. Our goal is to empower veterans and their families by providing them with the knowledge and tools they need to thrive post-service.

The American Legion Auxiliary has a proud tradition of supporting veterans, and our dedication to this mission continues to be unwavering. We invite you to explore this section of our website and discover the wealth of resources available to Alaska’s veterans. Together, we can ensure that those who have served our nation receive the support and recognition they have earned. Thank you for visiting, and thank you for your commitment to our veterans.

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