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The 2018 American Legion National Convention will be held in Minneapolis, Minnesota during August 24-30, 2018

Alaska's Legion Family will be staying at the Hilton Minneapolis Hotel, located at 1001 South Marquette Avenue in Minneapolis.

Click on the links below for detailed information and registration forms:

BITS & PIECES - For Alaska Auxiliary members attending, both the Western Division Caucus and the Parade attire will be the red polo shirt with white or khaki capris, pants or walking shorts.

JUNE 1st UPDATE - We received the Call to National Convention (above) so that you may begin your planning. If you have any questions please get in touch with Department Secretary Barb Nath.

Two things that Barb need to know as soon as possible: 1.) If you are not going to be able to attend the convention it is best to let Barb know as soon as possible and 2.) If you would like tickets to the Woman of the Year Luncheon ($35.00) or the States Dinner ($45.00) let Barb know by June 25th! If we get groups of ten we can buy whole tables and not have to be spread throughout the room for both events.

To help you in your planning, Alaska’s Unit Member of the Year will be attending the Convention and it is always nice when our delegation is all in attendance at the luncheon to show our support. But please don’t feel pressured to attend, it is entirely up to you and no one will think any more or less of you for attending or not.

We will keep you advised as more information becomes available.

Check back often for further information and updates!

Future dates and locations for The American Legion "Family" National Convention

2018 Minneapolis, MN Aug 24-30, 2018
2019 Indianapolis, IN Aug 23-29, 2019
2020 Louisville, KY Aug 28 - Sept 3, 2020
2021 Phoenix, AZ Aug 27 - Sept 2, 2021
2022 Milwaukee, WI Aug 26 - Sept 1, 2022
2023 Charlotte, NC - Aug 25-31, 2023
2024 New Orleans, LA Aug 23-29, 2024


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