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"Who We Are, What We Do

& Why We Matter"

From 2016-2017 Department of Alaska President Susan Waldhaus

SNOWY! SNOWY! SNOWY! I love it. I live in Alaska – I want the braggin' rights to lots of snow. Our busy schedules continue at home, Post and work. Hugs and THANK YOU to Unit 15 for a wonderful luncheon and visit. Unit President Carrie Doores and her gals are working hard on a number of projects.

Big focus items now must include:

1) MEMBERSHIP (see Linda's recent report (172 down from last year at this time).LET'S GET THIS DONE! CONTACT THOSE MEMBERS WHO HAVEN'T YET RENEWED. I THINK WE CAN MAKE THE 172 GOAL BY MARCH 26 (Convention voting strength is based on the membership 30 days prior to convention).

2) YEAR END REPORTS are due to our Department Chairman by APRIL 1st. Please! Please! Please gather the info needed, take the Auxiliary phone directory, go to the list of Dept. Chm and send each one the appropriate report. A running list of activities in that program area with date, goal, dollars spent/earned, number of members and hours is what it takes. How many veterans did the event impact? Remember, if you did the Mid Year Rpt. in Dec. you are halfway already. If you have questions, contact the program chairman. Our Dept. Chm work hard for you, it is the Units obligation to report so she can report to the Division/National. Please help us reach 100% reporting. A note here – report to the Dept. Chm even if your unit did nothing in that prog. area -it counts toward 100%.

3) ELECTIONS/NEW LEADERSHIP for our units and department. Unit elections are in March. Talk to your current board and President if you have questions. Department elections are at Department Convention in April. Endorsement letters are required for bids for the department positions. Any questions in the proceedure or duties of a particular position please contact Dept. Sec. Linda.

Each one of you has the potential for leadership. Think about moving up, learning more and being that person. Think about how you would tell “Who we are! What we do! and Why we matter!”

4) DEPARTMENT CONVENTION is coming - Haines 4/26. Please make every effort to attend if possible.The Post, Auxiliary and SAL are working very hard to make this a great convention for all of us. Registration packets are out. Watch the due dates. There is a bus out of Anchorage if you're interested. Details are out or contact Kirk Waldhaus (230-0083).

Visiting every Unit is still a challenge but I'm still open for dates you can work with. This is a work in progress. If you haven't scheduled yet, contact Dept. Secretary Linda or me. It is important for leadership to meet on the home ground of the unit. I love visiting and working with you.

Wrapping this up for publication:

  • The invitation stands! In Anchorage? Let's have a cup of tea!

Enjoy our beautiful , snowy Alaska winter and share our American Legion and Auxiliary mission of service to our veterans, their families and communities.



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