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Department of Alaska
Poppy Chairman - 2016-2017
Lori Fruhwirth

2016-17 Poppy Order Form - Due to the fact that I have been ill and missed the Workshop, I have decided to extend the ordering deadline for 2017 Poppies. The price is the same as last year - $95.00 per 1,000 poppies plus shipping and handling. Please just get your orders in by November 30th and don’t worry about sending payment now. I will invoice you after I find out how much everyone’s shipping and handling charges are because they are all different. So far I have received an order for 2,000 poppies for Susitna Valley Unit 35. Also, I have expressed a delivery date of no later than April 1, 2017.

All Units should receive your poppies on or before April 1. IF YOU DO NOT RECEIVE YOUR POPPIES BY APRIL 1, IT IS YOUR OBLIGATION TO CALL ME SO I CAN GET YOUR POPPIES TO YOU BEFORE MEMORIAL DAY! I have no way of knowing if you receive them or not – also, be sure to open and inspect your poppies the day you receive them. If they have the incorrect year tag on them, or they are falling apart – you have got to let me know as soon as you receive them, not the day that you get ready to set them out so that they can be replaced!

Any Units that would be interested in making your own poppies, we still have a number of the poppy kits available that anyone can make – the only difference will be that the tag will be different. These poppies will not possess the year tag (these are the poppies that Department purchased in 2013 when we were trying to establish our own poopy shop). You can order the appropriate tags through the Emblem Sales catalogue. These poppies would be great for wreath making or other poppy crafts that don’t require poppies with the current year tag. We have approximately 30 poppy kits available. Each poppy kit makes 1,000 poppies and we will sell them to you for $60.00 per kit. This would be a great project for your juniors or for your members to work on during your meetings. Please let me know as soon as possible if you are interested.

Yours in Service,
Linda A. Schmitt

2016-2017 American Legion Auxiliary Poppy


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