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National Security

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National Security Chairman - 2016-2017
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2016-2017 American Legion Auxiliary National Security

ALA Military Family Readiness Action Guide (click to download)

Purpose: To maintain and promote a strong national defense by providing the necessary means to strengthen our military families and prepare our citizenry for response to natural and man-made disasters.

1. Objective: Support active military and their families both during and after deployment by showing them they are appreciated through Welcome Home greetings and providing home services.

Actions Steps:

  • Address the needs of deployed troops.
  • Assist the families of deployed military.
  • Ensure that deployed troops return to a sincere and warm welcome.
  • Support initiatives of the National League of Families in the continued effort for a full accounting of America's POW/MIAs
  • Promote Month of Military Child (April).
  • Promote National Military Appreciation Month (May).

2. Objective: To work with the Community Service Committee to schedule a Community Emergency Response Team Train-the-Trainer course in each Department to prepare our members to act as an emergency management resources.

Action Steps:

  • Prepare members , their families, and members of the community for natural disasters such as earthquakes, tsunami, volcanos and oil spills, as well as man-made disasters.
  • Utilize website that address preparedness, such as the Citizens Corp CERT program, READY Programs for Kids, FEMA's Are You Ready?, National Fire Prevention, and Red Cross.
  • Promote National Preparedness Awareness Month ( September).

3. Objective: Support additional military related initiatives.

Action Steps:

  • Seek out immediate family members of deployed military and provide them with a Blue Star Banner.
  • Present Gold Star Banners to immediate families of troops who sacrificed their lives for a grateful nation.
  • Partnership with the local USO affiliates to help with USO programs.
  • Adopt a ROTC/JROTC UNIT at a local high school.
  • Sponsor/host a Blood Donor Program.

What can you do?


  • Support active-duty military families or businesses that should receive a Blue Star or Gold Star Banner in recognition of a servicemember's service.
  • Wear red on Fridays to "Remember Everyone Deployed."
  • For appreciation of local servicemembers' military service, decorate your community with yellow ribbons.
  • Provide assistance to servicemembers and their families directly affected by current conflicts.
  • Become more informed about issues affecting a military family's home life, such as PTSD, TBI, domestic violence, financial literacy and other issues.
  • Refer servicemen with financial assistance needs to the American Red Cross Armed Forces Call Center.
  • Support active-duty military families by working with an installation Family Readiness Group or an individual military family.
  • Be sure to follow-up with servicemember and/or military family your unit may be supporting to see if additional assistance is needed.
  • Greet servicemembers and families as they deploy and/or return from a deployment.
  • Work with a Yellow Ribbon program office of a local military unit to show patriotic and moral support at a Yellow Ribbon events; offering hospitality, refreshments, or children and youth activities; or making presentations on Auxiliary resources and services to family members of returning servicemembers.
  • Partner with an Operation Homefront field office for assembly of servicemembers care packages and family support packages.
  • Contact a USO (United Service Organizations) Center and partner with a service project that will lift the spirits of America's troops and their families. See the ALA-USO Guide for who to contact, how to volunteer and various activities.
  • Be sure and give all information for relocating families of American Legion Post and Unit locations.

National Security Reporting

Mid-year Reporting - Each Unit National Security chairman to submit a narrative report by December 1st please

Year-end Reporting - Each Unit National Security chairman is required to submit a year end narrative report by June 25th please

As part of your narrative report, please answer these questions:

  • How many Blue and Gold Star Banners were presented?
  • How many MIA families were recognized following notifications of remains?
  • How many servicemembers were honored during welcome-home events?
  • How many military families were connected to other units when moving ?

Beverly Eads
P.O. Box 1304 Kodiak, AK 99615


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