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Please remember that beginning with the 2017 membership year, the per capita that you must transmit to department for each senior member is now $20.00 and the per capita for junior members remains unchanged at $4.00 per junior transmitted.

Good Morning Everyone,

We are one month away from the cut-off date for determining voting strength for National Convention. It is way past time for you to be contacting your Unit membership that have not yet paid their 2017 dues, to ask them to please remit those dues. Below is the tactic that one Unit has employed to communicate with their membership:


In response to the emails from National President Mary Davis’ appeal to personally reach out and contact our non-renewed members, our Unit divvyed up all non-renewals to the officers (about 10-12 each) and have been contacting those members personally (yes, over the phone!). We are also following up with an email, showing the member how they can renew online, even providing that member with their member ID to get set up the first time. I know of the dozen or so that I’ve contacted myself, 6 have already renewed. And one I even went to her office to pick up her dues.

Below is the follow-up suggested email we sent. (Don’t forget you’ll have to let them know what their membership ID # is):

Hi there!

Thanks for taking the time to talk to me today over the phone. As I said, I’m hoping I can persuade you to drop your 2017 membership dues in the mail for the American Legion Auxiliary Unit XX? I’ve provided the old-fashioned US Mail way below, or take a look at the way you can pay online. Done and over with!

Every member counts when it comes to lobbying Congress on behalf of our military, our veterans and their families! By merely paying your dues, you still ARE ACTIVE! And much appreciated!

The dues amount is $XX and our address is XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX made out to ALA Unit XXX.

OR you can go to our National website and pay online if that’s more convenient. Go to: . On the right side you will find where you must sign in and use a password. If you’ve already done this, just sign in and follow the link. If not, you’ll have to create a User ID and Password. For this one time sign up, you will need your Member ID #. Yours is xxxxxxxxx.

Directly from the website: “Please log in or create an account. Passwords are case sensitive. Use of the ALA Portal is limited to active members. Members must log in to the member portal in order to pay their dues. The "Pay Dues" button will appear next to the welcome message once you log in.”

Easy as pie! And now you have access to the “Members Only” portion of the American Legion Auxiliary National website. It holds a huge amount of information!

Please say yes!

Thanks so much,

Why not give it a shot – you have to try something! This week the Department of Alaska is 255 members behind where we were at this time last year. The whole secret is that you have to communicate with your members in some fashion – you must let them know that we are counting on their support for our veterans and active duty military and one way that they can help is simply by paying their membership dues. So, please Units, help us out here!

Yours in Service,

Linda A. Schmitt, Secretary/Treasurer


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