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2013-2014 American Legion Auxiliary Reporting


How to Use the ALA Impact Report Form


To compile impact numbers that truly tell the world what the American Legion Auxiliary does, we need every member to report her service to her unit, and for each unit to complete a report.   
The ALA Impact Report is all numbers, dollars and hours.
The ALA Annual Impact Report is a simplified “by the numbers” report.  It is not program specific.  When completing the annual Impact Report, please report “best-estimate” numbers that encompass whatever ALA mission-related activities you completed.  Unit, district/county, and department treasurers can track donations or dollars used for mission-related activities. 
As a member of the American Legion Auxiliary, it is important you report your contributions to support the efforts of our international organization. Our collective impact matters!
There is a worksheet online to help you keep track of your service hours through the year at  Please select the appropriate section you are reporting:  Individual Member, Unit, District/County, or Department.  This report can be downloaded from the ALA’s website and photocopied to share with members who prefer to track hours on paper.
If you are unsure of how many or where to count your hours, use your best judgment; just be sure to only report your numbers one time in one place
Please follow the instructions from your department for your deadline and how to report.
Note to Departments:  If your Department donation figures differ from those on the reports submitted by your units or districts/counties (e.g. donations to VCAF, AEF, etc.) then report the numbers using the official donations that your Department submitted.


The ALA Annual Impact Reporting Process At-A-Glance
You, important ALA member, volunteer and raise resources to “do the ALA’s mission” throughout the year, and record your service hours using the ALA Impact Numbers Tracking Worksheet 
ALA Member reports volunteer service to Unit by Unit’s deadline (usually in April)
Unit president compiles its members’ numbers and sends Unit Impact Report to District or County (if applicable) or otherwise on to department
County/district president compiles its units’ numbers and sends Co/Dist Impact Report to Department by Department’s deadline (usually in May)
Appropriate department representative or national chairman compiles numbers and sends to by the first Friday in June
ALA National Headquarters compiles all the departments’ numbers and prepares
the American Legion Auxiliary Annual Impact Report ~ ALA by the Numbers for The American Legion to submit to Congress, and shares impact with the Veterans Administration, media, and the public!  
What are In-Kind Donations?
In-kind donations are items or services donated to support ALA mission delivery. For example – non-cash donations such as phone cards, comfort items and snacks that you distribute or send to veterans or military servicemembers are in-kind donations.  It is a way of capturing the value of what someone else provided that saved you from having to pay for it.  Another example would be if a member who is an attorney donated their services to help the unit or department with a legal matter.  Estimate the value of the donated items or services, and record the value as “In-kind donations” received.
Everyone is encouraged to send success stories and photos throughout the year to   
Due Dates
Year-End Reports:  Please use the ALA Annual Impact Report form for your Year End reportThere are specific deadlines in April and May, established at the unit, district/county, and department levels leading up to the national chairmen’s due date of first Friday in June. Contact your unit, district/county, or department for specific deadlines. When submitting your report, please copy yourself and another officer in your unit, district/county, or department.
Mid-Year Reports: National Chairmen’s final reports are due to national headquarters on January 30, 2014.  Please check with your unit, district or department for your deadline.   
Retain copies!   Please keep copies of everything you submit. 
Pictures and report materials will not be returned.  



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